Scoop Wholesale

Superior Service, Freshest Produce

Scoop ensures restaurants in the Fleurieu have access to the freshest produce available. Picked to order and often delivered on the same day, our superior service is unequalled. We provide an extensive range of fresh produce with the best flavour and quality at highly competitive prices.

Low Prices, Low Kilometres

Scoop works with growers who care for their environment and practice sustainable farming techniques. Increasing the Fleurieu's biodiversity is also a priority. As consumers demand more variety, growers are able to plant a greater range of heirloom and rare fruit and vegetables, knowing there will be a market for their fine produce.

See Our Extensive Product Range, Seasonal Experts

Here is a feel of the incredible and extensive fresh products, herbs and more available through Scoop SA ...

  • 1Seasonal Produce

    Heirloom, sustainably grown fruit and vegetables.
  • 1Olives

    Frantoio, koreneiki and verdale olives ready for processing into oil.
  • 1Summer Veg

    Fleurieu purple carrots, turnips and salad onions.
  • 1Greens

    Sprouts and cress super foods grown to order.
  • 1Mushrooms

    Fleurieu white mushroom, order to size required.
  • 1Jerusalem Artichokes

    A feature Fleurieu vegetable.
  • 1Gourmet Salad Mix

    Changes weekly according to what is freshest, crispiest and crunchy.

Scoop Logo

  • FRUIT: in season
  • VEGETABLES: in season
  • OLIVES: full range of Olives
  • OLIVE OIL: Cicada Extra Virgin
  • CHEESES: Hindmarsh Valley Dairy
  • DAIRY: eggs, yogurt
  • NUTS & SEEDS: Fleurieu varieties
  • Contact us for full list of Fleruieu produce.

The latest ScoopThe ins and outs of this week ...

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CO - Certified Organic
CO IC - Certified Organic In Conversion
NG - Naturally grown (organic methods/no certification)
MS - Minimal spray (larger commercial properties, natural fertilsers)
HO - Hydroponic outdoors - Cert organic medium
HI - Hydroponic grown indoors
FO - Wild foraged



... knowing and working with people like you, who share such passion for food was the reason I came back to SA. Its such a pleasure chatting with you about produce, and I appreciate all the effort it takes to do what you do.
Tim Bourke – Exec Chef Southern Ocean Lodge, Kangaroo Island