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  • FRUIT:
    in season
  • VEGETABLES: in season
  • DAIRY: eggs, yogurt
  • CHEESES: Hindmarsh Valley Dairy
  • OLIVES: full range of Olives
  • OLIVE OIL: Cicada Extra Virgin
  • NUTS/SEEDS: Fleurieu varieties

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    Scoop Handcrafted Gourmet, Gluten Free Muesli and Boyfriend Mix Muesli
  • SALADS: Fresh seasonal salads
  • Preserved and poached fruits and vegetables
  • FRUIT: in season
  • VEGETABLES: in season
  • EGGS: Free Range Eggs
  • OLIVES & OILS: full range/ Cicada Extra Virgin
  • NUTS & SEEDS: Fleurieu varieties



When I am cooking in this neck of the woods I get my produce from Scoop cause "they get it" in more ways than one. Real looking food, in season produce, packed with flavour and grown with a bit of love from the gardens and farms of the Fleurieu Peninsula. This is "real food" from one of the states most diverse and plentiful regions.
Simon Bryant – Well known SA chef and television presenter